Iced Tea Break

     Yesterday, after walking around in the sun at a farmer’s market, I decided to sit down with a cold iced tea at a nearby fast food restaurant. I am very glad that I did.

     Unfortunately, the town I was visiting has had some bad publicity lately due to a few folks going a bit beyond the bounds of peaceful protesting. This is not representative of the entire community.

    While I sipped iced tea and edited pictures from the farmer’s market, I could not help but smile. An older gentleman, who talked to himself (and everyone who passed him,) was treated kindly by all–especially the employees who seemed to recognize him as a regular. Two elderly gentleman, one black and one white, chatted about random things and their many years of friendship. The employees were very friendly and interacted well with everyone, people representative of many cultures, as they worked. One of the elderly gentleman happily engaged the younger workers in conversations about college and their hometowns as they would pass his table. They treated him with respect. The view from my table was as refreshing as the iced tea in my cup.